A Roller Blinds is a single sheet of fabric which wraps around a casing at the top of the window frame, and are operated using either a cord or chain. Roller Blinds in Sydney have become very popular due to their ease of operation, easy maintenance and low cost, not to mention their great versatility and flexibility. Roller Blinds offer fantastic light and privacy control, and great options in terms of colour, textures and fabrics. You can even use block out fabrics, which will give complete blocking out of sunlight, or use sheer fabrics which will offer you a view through the window while at the same time being effective at minimising the glare.



Day and Night Roller Blinds, also known as Zebra Blinds, are very much similar to traditional Roller Blinds. They are operated in the same way, with a roller at the top of the window which the fabric wraps around. The main difference is that these blinds come with two strips of fabric, translucent and opaque. The front layer of fabric moves independently of the back layer, which allows the stripes to glide between each other, giving an open and closed effect, so there is greater control of the light entering the room than with traditional Roller Blinds. You can find Day and Night Roller Blinds in SydneyA, freely available and at very affordable prices.



In Vertical Blinds, the slats run vertically from top to bottom, and are usually used for floor length, large windows. They are a great option for sliding doors and oversized windows. They hang down from a track under a valance board, and are opened or closed by moving the slats with a wand, cord or chain. Vertical Blinds in Sydney are made with varying materials, including fabric and vinyl, and can also use certain block out fabrics which are great at keeping the heat and light out. These types of blinds do have an insulating effect on the room, and provides for greater control of light and privacy, since you can control to what extent you open the slats.



It has been found that Venetian Blinds originated in Persia (modern day Iran), although the design and technology of these blinds can be traced as far back as the Egyptian Civilization, where they used reeds attached to columns as curtaining. However, it has been found that Italian (Venetian) merchants had brought these blinds from Persia to Italy where they were then popularly used. In the 1700’s when Venetian slaves were freed, they had fled to France, taking these binds with them. While there they had replicated the design and thus they were named Venetian Blinds (as the story goes). However, in modern times, you can find Venetian Blinds in Sydney and other major cities of the world, and to this day, it has remained a very popular type of window treatment.



The Vision Blinds and Shutters collection of Lumen Blinds in Sydney allows easy adjusting of the fabric which incorporates both translucent and block out horizontal panels that are layered to give you better control over natural light entering versus the privacy levels you require. This unique mechanism in Lumen Blinds allows you to alter the amount of sunlight during the daylight hours, or provide the opportunity of a closed blind to avoid prying eyes by giving you the choice of alternating sections of fabric that are fitted against one another to let you move between solid blocks of colour to keep light out, and elegant and stylish stripes that allow more light in.



A roman blind is an elegant piece aesthetic solution for dressing windows that hang straight and even when it is down. Soft pleats are formed in a roman blind when it is raised. They are powered using a set of vertical cords and are typically made of high-quality curtain fabric customized to scale. Roman blinds Sydney have been used for decades, unlike more modern-day counterparts such as vertical and roller blinds. A Roman blind is an envelope constructed from a flat piece of cloth and a covering. To build a sealed pocket or envelope, the lining is tightly bound to the cloth on both sides. Many with different budgets can easily use Roman blinds!



The cellular structure of Honeycomb Blinds in Sydney creates a pocket of air, which naturally reduces the transfer of heat, making Honeycomb Blinds a great insulator. Not only that, Honeycomb Blinds are ideal for keeping the noise out, while also keeping the indoors warm during winter, and cool during the summer months. The white reflective backing on these advanced blinds will reflect external solar heat to support the insulation process and slowly but surely, bring down your energy bills too!



Sheer luxury blinds in Sydney has always been a favourite and common choice among people. Sheer Premium Blinds are in high demand as it combines light-weight fabric with an additional sheer fabric overlay to allow consumers total control over the balance of the amount of light permissible with the level of privacy. Most importantly sheer luxury blinds in Sydney helps to reduce glare and help block the harmful UV rays on your home furniture and flooring that can cause mayhem. Sheer Luxury Blinds in Sydney will look fantastic on their own but to add a little bit of glitz and glam, they can even be paired with other forms of window decor!



A drastic increase in demand for Panel guides in Sydney has been observed due to the futuristic streamlined appearance and perfectly stacked on one side. Panel blinds, with large fabric panels that slip seamlessly over a delicate head rail, are a twist on the conventional vertical blinds. For wide walls, patios and double-fold doors, the height of the panels makes them a perfect solution. The panel glides in Sydney is incredibly convenient to function. By gliding the wand over and around, it can be easily opened and closed. These contemporary panels are often adjustable and can be merged without any difficulties with Roman Blinds or Roller Blinds in the same room.


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