OCTOBER 09, 2018

Reducing the chance of errors

We’ve all been there.Sales rep comes in, all sleek, yet hurriedly.Shows us the product. Pushes for the close. You feel pressured. You sign on, regardless.Sales rep packs their stuff and are out the door before the ink dries. On to the next one. You keep telling yourself, It’s all good. You really wanted the product anyway. Then after a massive wait for the product, it’s install day.

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JANUARY 04, 2020

AC vs DC motorisation. What’s the difference?

It’s 2020. The motorisation of blinds is now becoming more popular than ever and with a huge amount of different products available it can obviously be a bit over whelming too.

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JULY 29, 2018

What are you really paying for?

So you’ve been getting a few quotes from different window furnishing companies and all seem to be offering you the same sort of stuff but the quotes tend to vary significantly? In the current market, you could be forgiven...

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