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Love for Linda - Alzheimers Research

Alzheimers plays an unfortunately ugly role in the lives so many people. It is the most common cause of dementia and affects upto 70% of people who have been diagnosed with dementia.

Alzheimers is also the 2nd leading cause of death in Australia.

We MUST aim to find a cure to this horrible illness.

It not only affects the victims but also the family and friends around them.

Help us help the scientists and the doctors that do the important research by donating to our cause.

At Vision over the years since 2015, we have always prided giving back to our communities or people in need when we can. Since then, we have made it an annual thing where each year we donate to one charity organisation or community project in need. We’ve managed to raise and/or donate over $10,000 since 2016. Due to how great it feels to give back we have decided to launch VisCare by Vision.

VisCare by Vision is going to be our hub of community work and contributions where you can come see what we’ve done, who we’re donating to next, make suggestions and even make a donation yourself. Every dollar counts. We’d love to hear from you with suggestions or ideas on who we can help next by simply sending your suggestions with the background story using the form below and from there the team will validate everything and put them in the mix to be selected. As much as we love donating to large charity organisations, the purpose of VisCare by Vision is to donate 100% of every dollar donated directly to the persons or community in need.

We are very excited for this and are looking forward to growing it every year moving forward. We may not raise enough money to be able to save the world or everyone in it but if we can help someone in some way, shape or form, VisCare by Vision will continue to be a huge success in our communities and neighbourhoods.

We are supporting Australian Alzheimer's Research Foundation $1 for every sqm of shutters sold in 2021 plus a link for people to make their own donations

Past donations

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A truckload of Bale for a drought affected farmer

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200 custom made sports bottles and 25 bottle holders to the local Mount Druitt Lions JRLC
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Sponsoring the Sydney Special Children’s Christmas Party
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Australian Breast Cancer Foundation

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