ThermoShade Shutters

Offering excellent insulation properties, our high-profile collection of ThermoShade Timber Shutters in Sydney are natural, admired and inherently efficient!

ThermoShade Shutters in Sydney homes have become quite popular in recent times, as they are true hardwood timber shutters made from 100% of the same timber species, unlike most other timber shutters. These Shutters are organic, and are produced using far less energy than inorganic materials. They are recyclable and biodegradable, and since they are proper hardwood Shutters, ThermoShade Shutters are very durable.


V-Spec Poly PVC Shutters

At Vision Blinds and Shutters, we have a carefully curated collection featuring only the best V-Spec Poly PVC Shutters in Sydney! V-Spec Poly in Sydney are extremely beneficial for buyers with lower budgets, who are still looking to add some visual appeal that matches the rest of their existing home décor.

If you have a preference for shutters over other types of window treatments, then you will no doubt like V-Spec Poly Shutters in Sydney, which are an entry level shutter that is very cost effective, and ideal for those on a low budget. While timber shutters can be expensive, you can get V-Spec Poly PVC Shutters in Sydney at only a fraction of that cost, but still retain their timeless style and charm, able to transform any home.


HiPERLITE Shutters

At Vision Blinds & Shutters we have the best quality HiPERLITE Shutters in Sydney ready for commercial or domestic installations! Combining ingenuity, innovation and style, these spectacular HiPERLITE Shutters available in Sydney now are made from aluminium, and have proven to be one of the most durable shutters in the industry.

For those looking for plantation shutters from the future, they now have the option of buying HiPERLITE Shutters in Sydney. HiPERLITE Shutters are made from Aluminium, and are thus highly durable, and are ideal for both homes and commercial spaces. They offer clean lines, and minimalist design, yet exudes style and chic elegance in a room at only a fraction of the cost.


ClimaFuse Shutters

ClimaFuse is a unique, relatively new shutter, exclusive to Vision Blinds & Shutters, which incorporates a solid poplar timber frame with PVC blades. ClimaFuse Shutters in Sydney are composed with the clever fusing of natural and synthetic elements to provide a lighter option than other regular shutters that are completely made with PVC composition. This innovative hybrid shutter is finished in quality 2-pack paint.

An innovative and futuristic new entrant into the world of window treatments, ClimaFuse Shutters are a hybrid shutter, combining both natural and artificial materials to make one great product.


Weatherwell Shutters

Aluminium shutters have long been the choice selection of commercial and high-end architects, for their strength and aesthetic presence. The Weatherwell collection of aluminium shutters now brings these favourites into the domestic setting, changing homes and home living forever!

Aluminium Shutters have been popularly used for commercial projects due to their strength and beauty. Aluminium offers clean lines and a minimalist yet stylish approach to shutter designs. Weatherwell Shutters have now offered these advantages to homeowners, with their collection of domestic shutters.



Plantation Shutters are made with timber (wood), faux wood and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Shutters made from any of these materials are very durable and long lasting. PVC Plantation Shutters are popular with homeowners, as they are resistant to these elements. Since shutters are usually an exterior window treatment, having shutters made from moisture resistant material is very important to minimise damages and to ensure they last a long time. Cleaning and maintaining PVC Plantation Shutters is very easy; a regular wipe down with a damp cloth will keep them looking like new.


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