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Protect your home from the harsh sun with Vertical Blinds!

Classic, Vertical Blinds have stood the test of time and still remain as hall of fame blinds for many across the world today, by providing an effective way of protecting your home from the sun, while still bringing a trendy touch to your home!

Perfect for architecturally designed sloping windows all the way through to even bathroom windows.

While most love Vertical Blinds in Sydney, there are some that are of the view that Vertical Blinds are more traditional and not suitable for contemporary homes - we completely disagree

Been browsing Vertical Blinds in Sydney, but still on the fence?
Here’s why you should choose Vertical Blinds in Sydney

  • Gives you total control over the level of privacy whilst allowing the right amount of light in to help set the perfect ambience
  • Doesn’t collect dust
  • Flexibility of being partially or fully closed
  • A wide range of styles, colours and fabrics to select from, to match your existing interior
  • Very affordable

Vision Blinds and Shutters features one of the most eclectic collections of Vertical Blinds in Sydney that feature an assortment of fabrics to suit different unique tastes and design styles.

Why Vision Blinds and Shutter Sydney?

  • High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities at Vision Blinds & Shutters Sydney.
  • Guaranteed unmatched service every step of the way, starting from design consultation all the way to after sales service
  • Unparalleled expertise when it comes to Blinds and Shutters.
  • Customer oriented approach

You will see that when working with us, we take our time in helping you so that we eliminate any guesswork and ensure you always get exactly what you are truly looking for in your Vertical Blinds.

Get in touch with our experts today, via the quotation form on our website or over the phone on 1300 65 84 65

We will schedule an appointment at a convenient time for you to visit your home and help you choose the best Vertical Blinds in Sydney for your unique space!


Do vertical blinds keep heat out?

In Vertical Blinds, the slats run vertically from top to bottom, and are usually used for floor length, large windows. They are a great option for sliding doors and oversized windows. They hang down from a track under a valance board, and are opened or closed by moving the slats with a wand, cord or chain. Vertical Blinds in Sydney are made with varying materials, including fabric and vinyl, and can also use certain block out fabrics which are great at keeping the heat and light out. These types of blinds do have an insulating effect on the room, and provides for greater control of light and privacy, since you can control to what extent you open the slats.

How do I choose vertical blinds?

Vertical Blinds are certainly a very popular type of window covering, ideally used for large windows or sliding doors. They are used in both commercial and domestic spaces. When choosing Vertical Blinds in Sydney, there are a few factors you should consider, such as:

  • Budget – Different fabric types and operating mechanisms will have different price ranges.
  • Area for which you are considering Vertical Blinds.
  • Select the right style to complement your existing interior, and your specific needs.
  • Colour – The colour should complement your existing colour theme.
  • Material – The material should reflect your specific requirement for the blinds.

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